Solving Poorly Soluble Drug Dissolution Issues

At PhaRxmon Consulting LLC, we provide expert solutions to understanding bio-relevant dissolution rates from your formulation. This understanding allows you to optimize the dissolution rates obtainable from your drug substance. Our services are also available for chemical degradation issues.

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Dissolution Rate Optimization

Dissolution rate optimization is very important for poorly soluble drug substances, since human exposures might be limited by the drug particle dissolution rate during GI transit. Many unit operations such as granulation, roller compaction, and tableting can impact (typically slow down) intrinsic drug particle dissolution rates. We can offer methodologies and a conceptual framework to measure and optimize the dissolution rate from your drug particle population. Our experts can also provide some unique insights into dissolution rates and processes which occur in non-conventional formulations such as amorphous solid dispersions. In the field below, find scientific publications by Dr. Harmon around better understanding dissolution processes.